Domin valves survive half a billion cycles

The Longest Lasting Hydraulic Servo ValvesThe service life for hydraulic systems is a critical metric for all industries, the longer the service life, the less down time and maintenance is needed which has a direct cost on customer operations.

At Domin our Hydraulic Servo Valves have undergone extensive testing and life cycles to prove the durability, their robust designs and show their maturity. Additive manufacturing is a new but ever fast developing technology that is one of the key pillars at Domin and therefore it is imperative to understand the materials that make our products world leading.

Accelerated Life Testing of Every Valve

Every servo valve undergoes accelerated life testing before shipping. As part of quality assurance this means that every valve undergoes 1 million high pressure cycles to prove infinite life in-service. Through internal studies and external research high strength steels reach the endurance limit at 1 million fatigue cycles and will continue to last forever.

From endurance testing alone Domin hydraulic servo valves have performed over 400 million cycles at pressures exceeding 350 bar, with some test articles even tested to 10 million cycles over 400 bar.

Additionally, we use our own servo valves for life testing as well as our own material testing, these Domin valves operate our high-speed fatigue rigs with single units reaching excess of 100 million high pressure cycles with no impact to performance and no down time.

Improved Valve Performance at Higher Pressures

Domin has recently developed and tested a new additive manufactured spool to improve the performance at higher pressures, part of that development was a study of edge wear at high cycles (>100million). As expected, the results passed with flying colours with no decrease in performance including exceptional pressure gains, no increase to internal leakage or damage to the metering edges.

We now have hydraulic valves in service for over a couple of years, and in total have been in the customers hands for over 425,000 hours (equivalent to 49 years of service), in a range of environments ranging from temperature testing to high vibration service testing.

Domin has supplied Servo Valves to a wide range of world leading customers specialising in animatronics, aviation, robotics, automotive and many more.

Targeting Zero Failures

Not a single servo valve has failed to due fatigue in this time, and we can confidently say our hydraulic valves will continue to last for millions of cycles to come.

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