The World's First Direct to Market Valve Ordering Website

Our commitment to revolutionising the hydraulics market does not end with manufacturing of the highest quality hydraulic products. Domin has also set its sights on placing the customer at the centre of the ordering and supply process. 

Addressing Inefficiencies in the Supply Chain

There are a range of common concerns expressed regarding the current hydraulics marketplace, all of which we believed were worth tackling, for example:

  • Why can't I easily order product samples to test?
  • Why can't I order a valve to my precise specification?
  • Why is it so difficult to know the price of one or more valves?
  • Why should orders have to be placed with resellers?
  • How can delivery be so unpredictable?
  • Can I talk to someone who can give me advice?

With this website, we have delivered emphatic improvements to address each of these concerns. We have launched the first global website to allow any company to order one or more hydraulic valves to their precise specification. You can even pay with Paypal, if you want.

Order Samples with Exacting Specifications

On our website, you can order one of any of the about 1,000 variations of direct drive servo valve available on the site. We will manufacture, test and send it to you, no questions asked. Other than, of course, 'did it fulfil your requirements?'

The most important area of development is our online store. In it you can search, filter, and select the right product to fulfil your requirement. You can have full confidence that it is fit for purpose, and are able to be able to place an order when ready.

Order a Hydraulic Servo Valve Online

As you are able to choose from a broad range of variables and are then able to choose a precise flow rate and lap condition, you should be able to find the perfect fit: from mass to signal, seal to fluid type, you can be really specific.

Better still, with transparent pricing, you can see what the cost of one valve is, to compare and contrast with alternatives, as well as being able to manage your budget. As the order size goes up, we offer volume discounts, offering clear delivery messaging to give reassurance on lead times.

Place Direct Orders

CNC Machine

You know the specification you want, you have decided on the quantity you want to order, so you can proceed. If you place your order on our website, we will start processing it in the same working day. 

Our 4,000 square metre production facility, with over 30 CNC Machine tools, is at your disposal to produce, test, pack and dispatch your order. It really is that straightforward.

We can dispatch to most countries, with shipping included in the price, so that's another potential headache taken care of. For those that know what they want, it's the most efficient way to order a DDV.

Choose Your Preferred Communications Channel

Communicate with Domin

For those with more exacting requirements, or questions needing detailed answers, you will discover that we are very responsive.

With an online chat on every page, an email form to send an enquiry, and a phone number to call, we're expecting to hear from you.

Furthermore, as we invite direct contact, we can give you straight answers: from engineering, sales, or from the factory.

It is our ambition to supply the most efficient servo valve and systems and on the planet, but we also want to make the entire process as capable as possible.

There are more developments to come, products to launch, categories to add and orders to fulfil. As we continue the process of revolutionising hydraulics, we hope you'll continue to watch this space.

It is 2021, after all, and about time that even the most archaic of marketplaces caught up.