Our Vision

Current hydraulic systems rely on 20th century designs that are only 20% efficient.

At Domin, we are developing state-of-the-art technology which increases the efficiency of all systems by 400%.

We are disrupting the hydraulics industry for the better, making companies and products more efficient, and together saving one gigatonnes of CO2 every year by 2030.

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Domin Manufacturing Capabilities

Domin’s production facility in the south-east of Poland is capable of quick turn-around of highly demanding components & systems, aided by in-house tool and gauge manufacturing.

The range of machinery and tooling enables us to create a wide range of high-quality hydraulic components from servo valves to subsystems.

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The positive impact of
Domin Next Generation Products

  • 25% Lighter
  • 40% Fewer Parts
  • 25%: Higher Flow
  • 400% Smaller
  • 200%+ Faster

Higher quality hydraulic valves and systems available at a lower price than more established units.

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Committed to Carbon & Energy Saving

We are committed organisationally to reducing the carbon footprint in the production and lifetime operation of all our hydraulic products.

The additive manufacturing we use in the creation of Domin products is more efficient than any competitor, but the real win is in the operational energy savings.

Our compact, integrated and highly efficient hydraulic systems are up to four times more energy efficient than our competitors.

This is all achieved without compromise to cost, efficiency and reliability.

2030 Emission Savings Target

1 Gigatonnes CO2

Per Year
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Clients using our Hydraulics technology

Responsive Service and
Transparent Pricing

With a team of account managers, designers and engineers to hand, we can turn around designs, proposals, products for testing and orders efficiently and with the minimum of fuss. Better still, by contacting Domin direct, we can give you clear proposals, transparent pricing and a high service level.

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