Moog D633 VS Domin S6 Pro

  • 78 Lighter
  • 79% Smaller
  • 340% Higher Bandwidth
  • 67Faster
  • 50% Higher Flow

Higher quality hydraulic valves available at a lower price and shorter lead times.

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We offer replacements for the following:

Moog Valve Range Domin Alternative(s)
Moog - 30 S4 Pro
Moog - 62S6 Pro X
Moog - 72 S10 Pro
Moog - 78S10 Pro
Moog - 730 S4 Pro, S6 Pro X
Moog - 743 S10 Pro
Moog - 760S4 Pro, S6 Pro X
Moog -D633 S4 Pro, S6 Pro
Moog - D634 S6 Pro, S10 Pro
Moog - D661 S10 Pro
Moog - D662 Contact Us For Quote
Moog - D681 S10 Pro
Moog - D682 Contact Us For Quote
Moog - D765  S6 Pro X
Moog - G761 S6 Pro X
Moog - G771 S4 Pro
Moog - G772 S4 Pro, S6 Pro
Moog - G773 S4 Pro, S6 Pro

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Emission Savings

1.1 Tonnes CO2

Per Valve Per Year*

* Based on S6 Pro Valve Which will save 17 Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide over 15 Years

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