The Domin Production Facility

European Hydraulic Production FacilityDomin’s European production base is capable of producing high quality components and systems, aided by in-house tool and gauge manufacturing. With over 4000 square metres of manufacturing space, we house more than 30 CNC machine tools, the majority of which are equipped with 5 axes.

Our state-of-the-art highly efficient machinery, running at low-volume or large scale, is able to repeatably produce demanding features maintaining tight tolerances throughout.

Our capabilities range from components measuring 2 mm in diameter right up to 1 m in length, from peek and aluminium to titanium, from ground spools & pistons to complex manifolds with thousands of different features. We can design and manufacture just about any hydraulics valve or system.

Examples of Our Work

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

5 Axis Milling

Axis Milling Machinery

Complex prismatic components are machined on dedicated high-end 5 axis machine tools, many of which robot-fed for 24/7 lights-out-manufacturing.

Capabilities include machining hard metals, such as titanium and stainless steel, as well as aluminum and exotic materials. Aided by large backup cutting tool racks, several thousands of features are typically implemented on a given complex hydraulic manifold, as used for porting the fluid in an aircraft’s aileron flight controls.


CNC Turning with Live Tooling

Bar Fed Tuning with Live Tooling

Rotational components are produced on our CNC lathes, ranging from diameters of 550mm (vertical turning), down to 3mm on our swiss-type lathes.

All machine tools are equipped with live tooling, reducing setups and increasing overall manufacturing efficiency & quality.


OD, ID, Flat and Centerless Grinding

OD ID Flat Centreless Grinding

Our range of grinding equipment – be it CNC (inside/outside diameter), as well as flat, eccentric, centreless and bore grinding – is essential in achieving tight tolerances required for functioning of hydraulic systems.

In-process measurement allows for diametric matching of spools & sleeves with all equipment housed in fully air-conditioned surroundings. 

Electro-Discharge Machining

Electro-Discharge Machining

Domin makes use of the latest wire and sinker EDM technology, pioneering hydraulic matching techniques such as wire-EDM-turning.

Due to its high precision, lack of tooling requirement and non-invasive nature, this technology sees applications in both rapid prototyping and serial production environments.


CNC Honing & Lapping

CNC Honing & Lapping

Long aspect, tight and blind bores with numerous cross-holes requiring single micron finishes – Domin masters such challenging features by designing, implementing and controlling the entire manufacturing process in-house.

The latest vertical CNC honing technology is used to guarantee highly repeatable output at minimal cost.

Cylindrical and dimensional tolerances down to 0.002mm are achievable reliably — as are surface finishes of 0.01 Ra.

Domin’s honing machinery is capable of running fully automated, producing 5-digit quantities of precise bores per year.




Non-Destructive Testing with in-house Level 3

Non-Destructive Testing

Domin’s non-destructive testing capabilities encompass both magnetic and fluorescent inspection techniques, both NADCAP approved to international aerospace standards.

Innovative, high-frequency fatigue tests are used to safeguard the integrity of additively manufactured metal components.


Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

Being a design leader in additively manufactured high value systems, Domin has long believed in the importance of understanding and mastering this technology in-house.

Our machines laser-melt metal components with industry-leading fatigue strength, a quality essential to the success of our products, which Domin has taken years to perfect.


5 Axis Tool Grinding

5 Axis Tool Grinding

A dedicated tool design & production department is essential in a quick turn-around of Domin’s designs & systems. Complex multi-step port reamers are conceptualized, ground and put to use within days; tailored end mills for hard metal roughing beat competitors’ catalogue products by a factor of 3-5.

All tools are re-sharpened internally after use, additionally lowering serial production costs.


CMM Inspection Technology

CMM Inspection Technology

Zeiss Prismo Navigator coordinate metrology equipment with integrated turntables, CMM shape testers, instantaneous optical laser inspection – all aspects of Domin’s products are verified and monitored using equipment which is capable of measuring tolerances an order of magnitude more accurate than required.

The positive impact of Domin Next Generation Products

  • 40% Fewer Parts
  • 25% Higher Flow
  • 400% Smaller
  • 200%+ Faster

Higher quality hydraulic valves and systems available at a lower price than more established units.

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