21st Century Fluid Power - Efficient and Compact

During the 20th century Fluid Power became the technology of choice for many industries which valued performance, size, power and reliability often in the most hostile environments. It still outperforms alternatives for many applications.

The engineers at Domin have spent the last decade addressing the limitations of Fluid Power in terms of efficiency whilst significantly increasing the advantage in power density. Progress is the result of highly integrated compact systems employing electrical, pneumatic and fluid control. This technology combination can be used to control systems efficiently to drive, or regenerate energy without the use of throttling valves.

This offers a step change in benefits in the same way switching electronics revolutionised motor control in the 20th century. The potential savings to the customer and wider society are staggering given the global emissions from Fluid Power systems exceeds 1.5 gigatonnes of CO2 per year.

Domin is leading this change.

Integrated High-Efficiency Digital Systems

Lasting change comes from the application of technology, with vision and drive.

Domin backed Additive Manufacturing (AM) so that we can lead the transformation of the fluid power industry to create a more sustainable future. It is now demonstrable that the targeted application of AM will realise this vision. We are creating systems that are significantly more efficient, faster and smaller than anything previous.

AM enables designs which were not feasible with previous manufacturing technologies. In particular, the AM process has removed the cost restrictions of incorporating complexity into hardware design solutions needed to achieve performance and efficiency improvements. 

This follows the path established in electronic hardware and software solutions through the 20th century. High-speed digital control together with sophisticated fluid power management provides a breakthrough in virtually all power control and transmission applications.

High-speed switching of multiple flows for high-bandwidth low-loss operation of systems across a wide range of operating conditions

Low mass, cost-effective integration of multiple parts with high levels of complexity

On-board energy harvesting, storage and management systems to ensure minimum power consumption across a cycle

Recent Integrated Systems Projects

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With these benefits

  • 5x lighter
  • >10x bandwidth
  • Reduced stopping distances
  • Very Low power consumption

Higher quality at lower prices than more established brands.

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Our Current Annual CO2 Savings

472 Metric Tonnes

Which is the same as:

Smartphones fully charged
Miles driven in average car
Litres of petrol saved
Trees planted
Passengers flown from New York to London
Homes' annual electricity consumption
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